ONLINE ISSN: 1882-3416​
WoS-based IF: 0.60 (2017)
RG Journal Impact: 1.08
h-index: 20​
g-index: 38

Hydrological Research Letters (HRL) is an international and trans-disciplinary electronic online journal published jointly by Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources (JSHWR), Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology (JAGH), Japanese Association of Hydrological Sciences (JAHS), and Japanese Society of Physical Hydrology (JSPH), aiming at rapid exchange and outgoing of information in these fields. The purpose is to disseminate original research findings and develop debates on a wide range of investigations on hydrology and water resources to researchers, students and the public. It also publishes reviews of various fields on hydrology and water resources and other information of interest to scientists to encourage communication and utilization of the published results. The editors welcome contributions from authors throughout the world. The decision on acceptance of a submitted manuscript is made by the journal editors on the basis of suitability of subject matter to the scope of the journal, originality of the contribution, potential impacts on societies and scientific merit. Manuscripts submitted to HRL may cover all aspects of hydrology and water resources, including research on physical and biological sciences, engineering, and social and political sciences from the aspects of hydrology and water resources.

All papers are published on the journal website under an open access policy. Copyright on any article in HRL published after 1 January 2017 is retained by the author(s). The article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( One of the advantages of this journal is a prompt reviewing process. In 2017, the decision of acceptance, resubmission or rejection on the submitted papers were made within 1.8 months on average, and the accepted papers were available online within average 4 months from their submission date.

The editors come from all over the world and are renowned subject specialists, both nationally and internationally. The aim of the Journal is to build and share a knowledge database consisting of the letters across the world. The new electronic online journal will provide the prompt publication of (1) new academic/industrial discoveries and findings, (2) new advances in understanding and (3) comprehensive and/or transdisciplinary research topics.

Your advantages as a contributor:

* Rapid publication.
* Time and cost savings through the online submission system via J-Stage.
* A strict yet very fast peer-review process within two moths at best.
* High international accessibility via the internet.
* Supplements in electronic form: Additional documents, figures, movies, source codes, and data can be attached.
* CrossRef and Google Scholar – the cross-publisher citation linking systems allow a researcher to click on a reference citation on one publisher’s platform and link directly to the cited content on another publisher’s platform.


academics / industry
water resources researchers
geophysical scientists
meteorologists and climatologists
geologists and geographers
civil engineers
agricultural engineering researchers
forest scientists
erosion control engineering researchers
environmental scientists
hygienic engineering researchers
social and political scientists

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