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Correction of the surface water formation parameter used in a malaria transmission model and future malaria projections for Africa

Inna Syafarina, Arnida Lailatul Latifah, Yosuke Miura, Tomoko Nitta, Kei Yoshimura
Received 2021/08/11, Accepted 2021/10/13, Published 2021/12/04

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Climate change impact on soil salt accumulation in Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand

Koshi Yoshida, Supranee Sritumboon, Mallika Srisutham, Koki Homma, Masayasu Maki, Kazuo Oki
Received 2021/08/17, Accepted 2021/09/13, Published 2021/11/26

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Hydrological frequency analysis of large-ensemble climate simulation data using control density as a statistical control

Daiwei Cheng, Keita Shimizu, Tomohito J. Yamada
Received 2021/05/18, Accepted 2021/08/21, Published 2021/11/23

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Evaluation of drought features in the Dakbla watershed, Central Highlands of Vietnam

Vo Ngoc Quynh Tram, Hiroaki Somura, Toshitsugu Moroizumi
Received 2021/05/10, Accepted 2021/06/28, Published 2021/09/10

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DEM-based river cross-section extraction and 1-D streamflow simulation for eco-hydrological modeling: a case study in upstream Hiikawa River, Japan

Tomohiro Tanaka, Hidekazu Yoshioka, Yumi Yoshioka
Received 2021/05/11, Accepted 2021/06/22, Published 2021/08/18

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