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Analyzing the bias in dry weather spot flow rates to periodical mean flow rates in mountain streams: toward determining water pollution loads and optimizing water sampling strategies

Ami Tanno, Shigeki Harada
Received 2020/12/04, Accepted 2021/02/23, Published 2021/05/11

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Characteristics of soil and hillslope responses in humid tropical forests in Sumatra, Indonesia

Takahiro Sayama, Ryoko Araki, Kodai Yamamoto, Apip
Received 2020/12/10, Accepted 2021/03/02, Published 2021/04/15

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A small non-research vessel as a platform for lake surface flux measurements

Michiaki Sugita, Jingyuan Wang, Chao Zang, Fumiyoshi Kondo
Received 2020/12/03, Accepted 2021/02/12, Published 2021/04/06

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Global high-resolution estimation of cropland suitability and its comparative analysis to actual cropland distribution

Yuki Ishikawa, Dai Yamazaki
Received 2020/12/02, Accepted 2021/01/26, Published 2021/04/01

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Potential of representing the diurnal cycle of local-scale precipitation in northeastern Thailand using 5-km and 2-km grid regional climate models

Izuru Takayabu, Noriko N. Ishizaki, Tosiyuki Nakaegawa, Hidetaka Sasaki, Waranyu Wongseree
Received 2020/09/14, Accepted 2020/11/20, Published 2021/02/13

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