1. Policy on Dual or Prior Publication

Legal requirements

In the publication of original work, the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; The society will not be held legally responsible should there be any claims for compensation.

Scientific results have come to be printed and distributed by such varied means that it has become necessary to define as accurately as possible. Issuance in a scientific journal, in a book offered for public distribution, in a serial issued by a commercial publishing company, or in a widely available governmental document are all regarded as publication. Reports distributed to very limited and defined distribution lists may not constitute publication. Preprints of papers and conference abstracts, such as those prepared for symposia and distributed to participants of the symposium are not regarded as published. Electronic posting of preprints to services that provide or purport to provide archiving and citability constitutes publication. If the preprint is removed from the archive, it is no longer considered published.

The Hydrological Research Letters (HRL) Editorial Board expects authors to state previously exposed work in their report when they submit it for publication. Original papers submitted to HRL are for publication exclusively by the publisher.

2. Policy on Electronic Corrections

HRL is on-line scientific journal whose approved articles are to be published in electronic format. An outcome of this principle is the importance of the scholarly archive as a permanent, historic record of the transactions of scholarship. Articles that have been published shall remain extant, exact and unaltered as far as is possible. Thus, when published online, articles are recorded permanently and it must be preserved in this original format. As of April 2017, any modifications after online released cannot be accepted according to the correction policy of J-STAGE. This policy has possibility to be revised, following the J-Stage policy.

3. Policy on Retraction or Withdrawal of Published Articles

It may occur that an article published in electronic format must be withdrawn or retracted by their authors, institutional sponsors or the Editorial Board. In case of such situation, the publisher does not remove the citation for a retracted article, but updates the citation to indicate it has been retracted, and links the original citation to the citation for the published retraction notice. The only deviation from this policy will be ifthe publisher is required as a result of legal action to cease distribution of an article. Such instances may occur if, for example, an article violated a copyright of another publisher.

To ensure that individual readers can follow the course of the article, announcement will be made on the original version indicating the date of withdrawal or retraction with some explanation.

updated on 1 April, 2017