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Water budget and rainfall to runoff processes in a seasonal tropical watershed in northern Thailand

Katsushige Shiraki, Nobuaki Tanaka, Tantasirin Chatchai, Masakazu Suzuki
Received 2017/03/03, Accepted 2017/04/30, Published 2017/07/11

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Analysis of a brownfield management conflict in Canada

Simone L Philpot, Peter A Johnson, Keith W Hipel
Received 2017/04/04, Accepted 2017/06/07, Published 2017/07/05

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Impact of rice cultivation on evapotranspiration in small seasonal wetlands of north-central Namibia

Ayumi Kotani, Tetsuya Hiyama, Takeshi Ohta, Miho Hanamura, Jack R Kambatuku, Simon K Awala, Morio Iijima
Received 2017/04/04, Accepted 2017/05/25, Published 2017/06/22

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Identifying dominant runoff mechanisms and their lumped modeling: a data-based modeling approach

Yoshiyuki Yokoo, Takahiko Chiba, Yudai Shikano, Chris Leong
Received 2017/04/02, Accepted 2017/04/28, Published 2017/06/21

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Bias correction of simulated storm surge height considering coastline complexity

Jung-A Yang, Sooyoul Kim, Nobuhito Mori, Hajime Mase
Received 2017/03/06, Accepted 2017/04/19, Published 2017/05/25

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