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Comparative study on climate change impact on precipitation and floods in Asian river basins

Yoichi Iwami, Akira Hasegawa, Mamoru Miyamoto, Shun Kudo, Yusuke Yamazaki, Tomoki Ushiyama, Toshio Koike
Received 2016/09/02, Accepted 2016/12/04, Published 2017/02/04

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Estimating probability of extreme rainfall over Japan using Extended Regional Frequency Analysis

Masato Sugi, Yukiko Imada, Toshiyuki Nakaegawa, Kenji Kamiguchi
Received 2016/09/08, Accepted 2016/12/09, Published 2017/02/01

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Establishing flood damage functions for agricultural crops using estimated inundation depth and flood disaster statistics in data-scarce regions

Nhu Y Nguyen, Yutaka Ichikawa, Hiroshi Ishidaira
Received 2016/08/30, Accepted 2016/12/09, Published 2017/01/27

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Assessment of small hydropower potential in the Ciwidey subwatershed, Indonesia: a GIS and hydrological modeling approach

Naufal Rospriandana, Masahiko Fujii
Received 2016/08/31, Accepted 2016/12/03, Published 2017/01/21

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Current issues in and an emerging method for flood frequency analysis under changing climate

M. Levent Kavvas, Kei Ishida, Toan Trinh, Ali Ercan, Yakup Darama, Kara J. Carr
Received 2016/08/10, Accepted 2016/12/06, Published 2017/01/20

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