Comparative study on climate change impact on precipitation and floods in Asian river basins

Yoichi Iwami, Akira Hasegawa, Mamoru Miyamoto, Shun Kudo, Yusuke Yamazaki, Tomoki Ushiyama, Toshio Koike
Received 2016/09/02, Accepted 2016/12/04, Published 2017/02/04

Yoichi Iwami1), Akira Hasegawa1), Mamoru Miyamoto1), Shun Kudo2), Yusuke Yamazaki1), Tomoki Ushiyama1), Toshio Koike1)

1) International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM), PWRI
2) Hydraulic Engineering Research Group, PWRI

As many water related disasters occur frequently around the world, proper assessment of future climate change impact on floods and droughts is essential. In this study, we focused on basin-scale climate change impact assessment as necessary information for studying adaptation measures on the basis of integrated water resources management. We used Meteorological Research Institute-Atmospheric General Circulation Model (MRI-AGCM) 3.2S (20km grid super high resolution model) and a series of simulation methods for climate change analysis. We conducted a comparative study on changes in precipitation, flood discharge and inundation in the future during the wet and dry seasons for five target river basins in the Asian monsoon area. We found that regional precipitation outputs from the high resolution model in this study were in good agreement in the point of tendency of their changes in wet and dry monsoon seasons with the regional precipitation analysis in the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of Working Group 1 (WG1) of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2013). This study illustrated that the proposed methodology can make more detailed descriptions of climate change possible. The study also found the importance of basin-scale runoff and inundation analysis with downscaling especially for basins where floods occur for a short period, suggesting potential differences between flood change and precipitation change from General Circulation Model (GCM) outputs such as maximum 5-day precipitation index in a basin. As a result, this paper confirms the importance of basin-scale discharge and inundation analysis for climate change considering basin characteristics from the viewpoint of river management.

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