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Possible hydrological effect of rainfall duration bias in dynamical downscaling

Yuta Tamaki, Masaru Inatsu, Tomohito J. Yamada
Received 2019/06/11, Accepted 2019/09/04, Published 2019/10/16

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Thinning of cypress forest increases subsurface runoff but reduces peak storm-runoff: a lysimeter observation

Koichiro Kuraji, Mie Gomyo, Anand Nainar
Received 2019/05/17, Accepted 2019/08/05, Published 2019/09/11

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Sensitivity of potential evapotranspiration to climate factors in forested mountainous watersheds

Fereshteh Ghiami-Shomami, Kohzo Kawasaki, Leonardo, Seirou Shinoda, Yanyang Fan
Received 2019/04/12, Accepted 2019/06/20, Published 2019/07/24

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Development of XAJMISO hydrological model for rainfall-runoff analysis

Khin Htay Kyi, Minjiao Lu
Received 2019/03/01, Accepted 2019/04/22, Published 2019/06/07

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A consistent finite difference local inertial model for shallow water simulation

Tomohiro Tanaka, Hidekazu Yoshioka, Sokly Siev, Hideto Fujii, Sarann Ly, Chihiro Yoshimura
Received 2018/12/11, Accepted 2019/04/09, Published 2019/05/29

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