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A consistent finite difference local inertial model for shallow water simulation

Tomohiro Tanaka, Hidekazu Yoshioka, Sokly Siev, Hideto Fujii, Sarann Ly, Chihiro Yoshimura
Received 2018/12/11, Accepted 2019/04/09, Published 2019/05/29

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Quantitative estimations of hazards resulting from Typhoon Chanthu (2016) for assessing the impact in current and future climate

Sridhara Nayak, Tetsuya Takemi
Received 2019/02/21, Accepted 2019/04/01, Published 2019/05/08

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Estimating flow duration curves in perennial and ephemeral catchments using a disaggregated approach

Chris Leong, Yoshiyuki Yokoo
Received 2019/01/25, Accepted 2019/03/31, Published 2019/04/24

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Vertical trend analysis of equivalent hydraulic conductivity in alluvial fan gravel deposits considering open void connectivity

Yoshitaka Sakata
Received 2018/11/05, Accepted 2018/12/29, Published 2019/02/21

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Effects of cryogenic vacuum distillation on the stable isotope ratios of soil water

Kenji Tsuruta, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Masanori Katsuyama, Yoshiko Kosugi, Motonori Okumura, Naoko Matsuo
Received 2018/10/22, Accepted 2018/12/26, Published 2019/02/02

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