Articles published in 2013 and cited no less than 15 times during 2013-2017.

Authors Title Cites
Hirabayashi et al. Projection of glacier mass changes under a high-emission climate scenario using the global glacier model HYOGA2 26
Ock et al.

Sediment replenishment to downstream reaches below dams: implementation perspectives



Articles published in 2012 and cited no less than 15 times during 2012-2016.

Authors Title Cites
Komori et al. Characteristics of the 2011 Chao Phraya River flood in Central Thailand 110
Nishijima et al. A preliminary impact assessment of typhoon wind risk of residential buildings in Japan under future climate change 28
Kure and Tebakari Hydrological impact of regional climate change in the Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand 25
Kwak et al.

A new approach to flood risk assessment in Asia-Pacific region based on MRI-AGCM outputs



No articles reach the minimum number of 15 citations.


Articles published in 2010 and cited no less than 15 times during 2010-2014.​

Authors Title Cites
Mori et al.

Projection of Extreme Wave Climate Change under Global Warming

Kamiguchi et al.

Development of APHRO_JP, the first Japanese high-resolution daily precipitation product for more than 100 years

Nakaegawa and Vergara

First Projection of Climatological Mean River Discharges in the Magdalena River Basin, Colombia, in a Changing Climate during the 21st Century

Kim et al.

Hydrologic Evaluation on the AGCM20 Output Using Observed River Discharge Data

Yasuda et al.

Projection of future typhoons landing on Japan based on a stochastic typhoon model utilizing AGCM projections

Ma et al. Hydrological response to future climate change in the Agano River basin, Japan 18
Maruya et al.

Evaluation of entrainment velocity induced by wind stress in a two-layer system



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