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Use of deep learning to identify optimal meteorological inputs to forecast seasonal precipitation

Shingo Zenkoji, Taichi Tebakari, Kazutoshi Sakakibara
Received 2022/03/10, Accepted 2022/07/01, Published 2022/09/30

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Importance of observational reliability for hydrological parameter optimization: a case study of the Upper Chao Phraya River in Thailand

Adisorn Champathong, Naota Hanasaki, Masashi Kiguchi, Taikan Oki
Received 2022/02/21, Accepted 2022/04/21, Published 2022/06/07

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Impact of changes in the relationship between salinity and soil moisture on remote sensing data usage in northeast Thailand

Masayasu Maki, Supranee Sritumboon, Mallika Srisutham, Koshi Yoshida, Koki Homma, Somsak Sukchan
Received 2022/02/09, Accepted 2022/03/29, Published 2022/05/24

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Examination of bias of dry weather spot-flow rates compared to the mean flow rates of four periods in three mountain streams with different characteristics: verification of the usage of spot-flow rates to estimate mean discharge loads and implications for appropriate sampling strategies

Ami Tanno, Shigeki Harada, Nobuto Takahashi
Received 2021/11/15, Accepted 2022/02/03, Published 2022/04/26

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Improvement of socio-hydrological model to capture the dynamics of combined river and urban floods: a case study in Lower Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka

Chamal Perera, Shinichiro Nakamura
Received 2021/11/15, Accepted 2022/02/15, Published 2022/04/07

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