Conflicts of Interest

HRL recognizes that all persons in charge of the peer-review processes for publications in the journal must pay attention adequately to conflicts of interest between individuals and/or organizations conducting research activities. HRL defines conflicts of interest as any interest (financial or otherwise) that conflicts with the actions or judgments by concerned individuals conducting the activities. The conflicts of interest in a peer-review process of HRL should be considered by all the persons: authors, reviewers, editors and editor-in-chief.

Authors should declare whether real or perceived conflicts of interest are included in their manuscript during the submission process. If an author or authors have some, the editorial board will determine its treatment. Reviewers should confirm no conflicts of interest and no bias for a manuscript in charge by themselves. If one of them has some, he/she must declare it and the corresponding editor should arrange for another reviewer with no conflicts of interest and no bias. The same procedure is applicable for editors and editor-in-chief.