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Evaluation of drought features in the Dakbla watershed, Central Highlands of Vietnam

Vo Ngoc Quynh Tram, Hiroaki Somura, Toshitsugu Moroizumi
Received 2021/05/10, Accepted 2021/06/28, Published 2021/09/10

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DEM-based river cross-section extraction and 1-D streamflow simulation for eco-hydrological modeling: a case study in upstream Hiikawa River, Japan

Tomohiro Tanaka, Hidekazu Yoshioka, Yumi Yoshioka
Received 2021/05/11, Accepted 2021/06/22, Published 2021/08/18

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Estimation of paddy field dam effect on flood mitigation focusing on Suse region of Hyogo, Japan

Kenichiro Kobayashi, Yasunori Kono, Takao Kimura, Haruya Tanakamaru
Received 2021/04/19, Accepted 2021/06/14, Published 2021/08/12

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Absorption and emission of water vapor from the bark of teak (Tectona grandis), a deciduous tree, in a tropical region during the dry season

Hiroyuki Matsunaga, Naoko Matsuo, Takahisa Nakai, Natsuko Yoshifuji, Nobuaki Tanaka, Katsunori Tanaka, Chatchai Tantasirin
Received 2021/04/19, Accepted 2021/05/20, Published 2021/07/20

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Global integrated modeling framework of riverine dissolved inorganic nitrogen with seasonal variation

Yizhou Huang, Daisuke Tokuda, Xudong Zhou, Taikan Oki
Received 2021/03/09, Accepted 2021/05/22, Published 2021/07/15

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