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Socio-hydrological modeling and its issues in Japan: a case study in Naganuma District, Nagano City

Naoya Shibata, Fuko Nakai, Kensuke Otsuyama, Shinichiro Nakamura
Received 2021/11/15, Accepted 2022/02/03, Published 2022/04/01

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Spatiotemporal variability of hydrogen stable isotopes at a local scale in shallow groundwater during the warm season in Tottori Prefecture, Japan

Yumi Yoshioka, Hidekazu Yoshioka
Received 2021/11/12, Accepted 2021/02/02, Published 2022/03/19

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Time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography for assessment of seasonal moisture variations in a tropical regolith

Alexis Mojica, Bolívar Duarte, Fidedigna Vergara, Milagros Pinto-Núñez, Reinhardt Pinzón, José Pérez, María Gabriela Castrellón, Carlos A. Ho, Margie Gómez
Received 2021/11/30, Accepted 2021/12/27, Published 2022/03/11

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Estimating freshwater lens volume in highly permeable aquifers

Satoshi Tajima, Jiaqi Liu, Tomochika Tokunaga
Received 2021/10/08, Accepted 2021/12/11, Published 2022/02/10

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Yearly change in severely salt-damaged areas in paddy fields in Ban Phai in Northeast Thailand

Yi Yang, Masayasu Maki, Rongling Ye, Daiki Saito, Thanyaluck Nontasri, Mallika Srisutham, Supranee Sritumboon, Somsak Sukchan, Koshi Yoshida, Kazuo Oki, Koki Homma
Received 2021/09/10, Accepted 2021/10/28, Published 2022/01/26

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