Current issues in and an emerging method for flood frequency analysis under changing climate

M. Levent Kavvas, Kei Ishida, Toan Trinh, Ali Ercan, Yakup Darama, Kara J. Carr
Received 2016/08/10, Accepted 2016/12/06, Published 2017/01/20

M. Levent Kavvas1), Kei Ishida1), Toan Trinh1), Ali Ercan1), Yakup Darama2), Kara J. Carr1)

1) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA
2) Department of Civil Engineering, Atılım University, Turkey

In this study several issues with the standard flood frequency analysis are discussed in the context of a changing hydro-climate in the 21st century. Among these issues the loss of statistical equilibrium in the hydro-climate of a studied region during the 21st century has serious implications on the standard frequency analysis that is discussed in some detail. An alternative method to flood frequency analysis within the framework of a changing climate based on ensemble of future climate projections is reported and demonstrated by a numerical application to a target watershed.

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Copyright (c) 2017 The Author(s) CC-BY 4.0

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