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Characteristics of seasonal precipitation isotope variability in Indonesia

Halda A. Belgaman, Kimpei Ichiyanagi, Rusmawan Suwarman, Masahiro Tanoue, Edvin Aldrian, Arika I.D. Utami, Sheila D.A. Kusumaningtyas
Received 2016/12/06, Accepted 2017/03/04, Published 2017/04/07

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Impact of temperature changes on groundwater levels and irrigation costs in a groundwater-dependent agricultural region in Northwest Bangladesh

Golam Saleh Ahmed Salem, So Kazama, Shamsuddin Shahid, Nepal C. Dey
Received 2017/01/05, Accepted 2017/02/18, Published 2017/03/25

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Effects of different land-use on suspended sediment dynamics in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) – a view at the event and annual timescales

Anand Nainar, Kawi Bidin, Rory P. D. Walsh, Robert M. Ewers, Glen Reynolds
Received 2016/11/08, Accepted 2016/01/23, Published 2017/03/07

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Identifying climate analogues for cities in Australia by a non-parametric approach using multi-ensemble, high-horizontal-resolution future climate projections by an atmospheric general circulation model, MRI-AGCM3.2H

Tosiyuki Nakaegawa, Kenshi Hibino, Izuru Takayabu
Received 2016/07/07, Accepted 2017/02/02, Published 2017/02/21

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Estimating regional climate change uncertainty in Japan at the end of the 21st century with mixture distribution

Shunya Wakamatsu, Kenji Oshio, Koji Ishihara, Hirokazu Murai, Takuya Nakashima, Tsuyoshi Inoue
Received 2016/08/01, Accepted 2016/12/24, Published 2017/02/18

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