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Scale-dependence of soil erosion assessments based on the distribution of sugarcane cropping practices in Okinawa, Japan

Yo Asada, Keigo Noda
Received 2022/11/28, Accepted 2023/02/06, Published 2023/04/12

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Uncertainty of internal climate variability in probabilistic flood simulations using d4PDF

Yuki Kita, Dai Yamazaki
Received 2022/11/18, Accepted 2023/02/16, Published 2023/04/01

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Automatic levee detection using a high-resolution DEM − Case study in Kinu river basin, Japan

Orie Sasaki, Yugo Tsumura, Masafumi Yamada, Yukiko Hirabayashi
Received 2022/11/14, Accepted 2023/02/13, Published 2023/03/28

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Assessing characteristics and long-term trends in runoff and baseflow index in eastern Japan

Stanley N. Chapasa, Andrew C. Whitaker
Received 2022/09/30, Accepted 2022/11/29, Published 2023/02/28

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