River flood inundation mapping in the Bago River Basin, Myanmar

Win Win Zin, Akiyuki Kawasaki, Shelly Win
Received 2015/06/03, Accepted 2015/09/05, Released 2015/11/28

Win Win Zin1), Akiyuki Kawasaki2), Shelly Win1)

1) Department of Civil Engineering, Yangon Technological University, Myanmar
2) Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Flood inundation maps were generated in the Bago River Basin, Myanmar. Although the design of our study was not new, it is one of very few to have analyzed a flood inundation area in Myanmar. Nine flood events were applied to calibrate and validate the results. The flood-inundated area was validated with satellite image for the year 2006. The flood inundation maps with different return periods were delineated. Considering the 50- and 100-year return period flood scenario, the highest depth of inundation may affect the urban area of Bago. The information derived from this study can contribute to assessments of potential flood damage for the local region and for other locations where data is limited.

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