Experimental assessment of solute dispersion in stratified porous media

Tomoki Kurasawa, Mariko Suzuki, Kazuya Inoue
Received 2020/06/01, Accepted 2020/07/30, Published 2020/10/07

Tomoki Kurasawa, Mariko Suzuki, Kazuya Inoue1)

1) Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Kobe University, Japan

The objective of this paper is to evaluate effects of stratified porous formation on solute dispersion using two-dimensional laboratory tracer tests. An image analysis technique was used to analyze the solute dispersion processes and quantify the dispersivity and behaviors of forward and backward tails of solute plumes. Longitudinal dispersivity estimates for the stratified porous media increased with travel distance and are in reasonable agreement with previous work. Moreover, in all of the stratified cases the transverse dispersivity exhibited a similar trend which decayed with travel distance. The summary of dispersivities estimated from this study and previous studies suggests that if both degree of heterogeneity and scale for stratified and randomly heterogeneous porous media are similar, the longitudinal dispersivity is larger in stratified media than in randomly heterogeneous media. In order to quantify behaviors of forward and backward tails, we defined the travel distances x05 and x95 corresponding to the 5th and 95th percentiles, respectively, of the cumulative concentrations in the longitudinal direction, and found that the distance between x05 and x95 spread out linearly in the stratified cases.

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