Seasonal variation of physico-chemical characteristics in water of meromictic Lake Oigon

Byambadulam Enkhee, Buyan Chuluun, Bayanmunkh Baatar, Shurkhuu Nyamdorj, Sen‑Lin Tang, Bolormaa Oyuntsetseg
Received 2022/10/04, Accepted 2023/01/08, Published 2023/06/14

Byambadulam Enkhee1), Buyan Chuluun1), Bayanmunkh Baatar2), Shurkhuu Nyamdorj1), Sen‑Lin Tang3), Bolormaa Oyuntsetseg1)

1) Department of Chemistry, School of Arts and Sciences, National University of Mongolia, Mongolia
2) Mongol-Us SEO, Mongolia
3) Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Meromictic lakes are lakes that do not have intermixed layers, and thus have unique physical, chemical, and biological properties. Lake Oigon is one lake with such a meromictic nature. However, a detailed study of the physico-chemical characteristics of Lake Oigon hasn’t been conducted. In this study, we investigated the physico-chemical characteristics of the water of Lake Oigon from the surface to bottom at one-meter depth intervals and compared parameter trends in summer and winter. The predominant hydrochemical type of lake water was Na-Cl-SO4. The salinity of the lake’s water was mesosaline to hypersaline. The concentrations of major ions (except sulphate) and microelements in summer were lower than that in winter. The suboxic layers (chemocline), and anoxic layer (monimolimnion) were often rich in nitrate, sulphide, ammonium, and phosphate despite the season. We hope that this study will show the characteristics of this meromictic lake and provide underlying information for future research on the chemical composition of Lake Oigon.

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