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Experimental assessment of solute dispersion in stratified porous media

Tomoki Kurasawa, Mariko Suzuki, Kazuya Inoue
Received 2020/06/01, Accepted 2020/07/30, Published 2020/10/07

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Bias correction of d4PDF using a moving window method and their uncertainty analysis in estimation and projection of design rainfall depth

Satoshi Watanabe, Masafumi Yamada, Shiori Abe, Misako Hatono
Received 2020/06/01, Accepted 2020/08/11, Published 2020/09/11

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Aquifer classification and pneumatic diffusivity estimation using periodic groundwater level changes induced by barometric pressure

Heejun Yang, Tomo Shibata
Received 2020/05/08, Accepted 2020/07/16, Published 2020/09/03

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Structural improvement of a kinematic wave-based distributed hydrologic model to estimate long-term river discharge in a tropical climate basin

Thatkiat Meema, Yasuto Tachikawa
Received 2020/02/27, Accepted 2020/06/14, Published 2020/07/16

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High-resolution distributed model to simulate erosion and sedimentation in a steep basin: a case study of the Akatani River Basin, Kyushu, Japan

Luis Chero, Yasuto Tachikawa
Received 2020/03/02, Accepted 2020/05/03, Published 2020/07/15

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