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Incorporating snow model and snowmelt runoff model for streamflow simulation in a snow-dominated mountainous basin in the western Hindukush-Himalaya region

Abdul Haseeb Azizi, Yoshihiro Asaoka
Received 2019/11/08, Accepted 2020/01/20, Published 2020/02/28

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Bottlenecks of hydropower development in Central Asia: Failure of aid coordination by development banks

Hiroyuki Deguchi, Daisuke Sasaki, Mikiyasu Nakayama
Received 2019/11/11, Accepted 2019/12/27, Published 2020/01/30

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Potential for and feasibility of small hydropower generation at headworks in Japan

Fenglan Wang, Keigo Noda, Issaku Azechi, Masateru Senge
Received 2019/10/17, Accepted 2019/12/23, Published 2020/01/28

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Groundwater level trend analysis using the statistical auto-regressive HARTT method

Guesh Zeru, Tena Alamirew, Haile A. Shishaye, Megersa Olmana, Nata Tadesse, Michael J. Reading
Received 2019/07/12, Accepted 2019/10/04, Published 2020/01/22

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Comparison of precipitable water via JRA-55 and GPS in Japan considering different elevations

Hiroshi Matsuyama, Jiei Flores, Kosuke Oikawa, Kengo Miyaoka
Received 2019/10/15, Accepted 2019/12/21, Published 2020/01/18

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