Current issues in and an emerging method for flood frequency analysis under changing climate

M. Levent Kavvas, Kei Ishida, Toan Trinh, Ali Ercan, Yakup Darama, Kara J. Carr
Received 2016/08/10, Accepted 2016/12/06, Published 2017/01/20

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Future changes in extreme precipitation intensities associated with temperature under SRES A1B scenario

Sridhara Nayak, Koji Dairaku
Received 2016/09/12, Accepted 2016/12/03, Published 2016/12/29

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Projection of impacts of climate change on windthrows and evaluation of potential adaptation measures in forest management: A case study from empirical modelling of windthrows in Hokkaido, Japan, by Typhoon Songda (2004)

Kohei T. Takano, Kosuke Nakagawa, Masahiro Aiba, Michio Oguro, Junko Morimoto, Yasuto Furukawa, Yoshio Mishima, Kenta Ogawa, Rui Ito, Tetsuya Takemi
Received 2016/09/23, Accepted 2016/12/04, Published 2016/12/28

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Identification of key factors in future changes in precipitation extremes over Japan using ensemble simulations

Akihiko Murata, Hidetaka Sasaki, Hiroaki Kawase, Masaya Nosaka
Received 2016/08/30, Accepted 2016/12/06, Published 2016/12/27

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Assessing the impacts of global warming on meteorological hazards and risks in Japan: Philosophy and achievements of the SOUSEI program

Tetsuya Takemi, Yasuko Okada, Rui Ito, Hirohiko Ishikawa, Eiichi Nakakita
Received 2016/08/29, Accepted 2016/11/03, Published 2016/12/10
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